History ofKhulna Club Limited

From the inception of the Khulna Club since 1885 of Christian era, the club has managed to achieve the status of one of the finest clubs in the country. Khulna Club has affiliations with numerous clubs of its type and class, at home and abroad.

The club has a long heritage and tradition since its inception during The British reign in 1885. It reveals from C.S record published by Khulna settlement office on 29-06-1926 that it was established originally as “SHAHEBDER CLUB” for use of the British nations and hardly few Bangalies were members of the Khulna club at the beginning. This club is situated upon the land of 1.612 acre under Tootpara Mouja (C.S.Khotian No. 129 4/3, C. S. Dag No. 34) in the Divisional City of Khulna.

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